A consortium called The PEAR Proposition: Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research are pioneers in the field of archaeo-acoustics, merging
archaeology, and sound science. Directed by Physicist Dr. Robert Jahn, the PEAR group set out in 1994 to test acoustic behavior in ancient megalithic
sites. They found that the ancient chambers all sustained a strong resonance at a sound frequency between 95 and 120 Hz: well within the range of a
low male voice. In subsequent OTSF testing, the stone rooms in Malta were found to match the same pattern of resonance, registering at the
frequency of 110 or 111 Hz. This turns out to be a significant level for the human brain. Whether it was deliberate or not, the people who spent time
in such an environment were exposing themselves to vibrations that impacted their minds and their bodies.

These chambers may have served as centers for social or spiritual events, and the resonances of the chamber cavities might have been intended to
support human ritual chanting. Studies of brain activity exposed to different resonance frequencies have found that at 110 Hz the prefrontal cortex
suddenly SHIFTS, deactivating the language center and turning on the part of the brain that controls mood, empathy and social behavior ( LOVE )    
                         From  http://www.transmissionstotheawakened.com/html/the_solfeggios.html

In other words at 110 hertz, there is a gap between 111 hertz whereby our brains SHIFT from left to right hemispheres, from perception to feeling
and knowing LOVE..

The 7 Ancient Solfeggios that relate to the 7 Chakra System are as follows:
1. UT – 396 Hz - Root Chakra - located between the anus and the scrotum (in men) or the vaginal cavity (in women)
2. RE – 417 Hz - Sacral Chakra - located 2 inches below the belly button.
3. MI – 528 Hz - Solar Plexus Chakra - located at the base of the ribcage
4. FA – 639 Hz - Heart Chakra - located in the center of the chest near the heart
5. SOL – 741 Hz - Throat Chakra - located at the base of the neck in the throat
6. LA – 852 Hz - Third Eye Chakra - located in the middle of the forehead
7. SI – 963 Hz - Crown Chakra – located on the top of the head


Monaurals: [ Top ]   From http://www.masteryourminds.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=48&Itemid=37
These beats are headphone free. They basically take the pink-white-brown noise as the carrier frequency and then modulate it to the Beta frequency.
They are extremely effective because human brainwaves are non-sinusoidal and entrain very well with the monaural. If the monaural 7Hz is applied to
a subject, she/he enters the super learning state.

Some Important Frequencies:
10 Hz - Alpha state
33 Hz - Spiritual awakening
8-12 Hz - Super learning frequencies
4-7 Hz - Creativity and intuition
40 Hz - Operating frequency of the brain
9 Hz - Energizer / mental boost
6.5 Hz - Mental mathematics
111 Hz & 38 Hz - Release of pleasure chemicals in the human brain. (endorphins, enkephalins, dynorphins)

Did you see that confirmation above, at 111 Hertz, endorphins or pleasure or sexual estacy electricity floods into the brain, at the agteway of 111
hertz.     SEE  Absolute 33, Climbing Jacob's Ladder, 33 to 111 hertz, Spiritual Sexuality,
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