The central Solfiggio Frequency is suppose to be 528 hertz, or 528 vibrations per SECOND, but to confirm this great possibility it has
to be connected to the Lord's EARTH, or the Lord's CREATION, so as to give us FREE ENERGY and HARMONIC, non destructive
energy that is good for us. Writers tend to think that just using it, will produce results, but never seem to show how it all is inter
connected. So allow me to try..

Because firstly, via a complete study of Sacred Geometry, which is nothing more than seeing how the Lord created certain distances to be
HIS MEASURE, as well as certain SPEEDS, as well as specific sacred lengths of TIME. None of these were present before the Lord
created them.
Distance = Speed x Time

Please read and study, Who made the distances.... NOW.... and discover that the Earth's diameter of 7290 miles and Moon's diameter of
2160 miles was and is in exact ratio to PHI or the GOLDEN SECTION. And I did say MILES, because a mile was not a random length
of distance, but a sacred measure, via the LORD'S measuring rod of a FURLONG. For a furlong is to an inch what a mile is to the Earth's.

But wait a minute, an inch is the length of a man's digit, a cubit of 9 inches is the measure from his finger to elbow. Inches being sacred as
the ratio's of our bodies are both PHI designed, and these humanly measures of inches, connect us up with His absolutely saced IMAGE
because we are made in HIS IMAGE and with HIS DIVINE PROPORTIONS.

Did you catch it, have you done the measurements on your body, and seen how your ratios are PHI designed and how inches are the old
and sacredly connected measure that harmonises with the Earth and with the Moon. Read the above HYPERLINKS and HYPERINKS
within, til it dawns you.

How many feet in a mile  5280 sacred feet? Right ?

How many sacred reed furlongs is that 8. A furlong was and is 660 feet.  5280/8 = 660'

So when the Lord wrote that a man could and should do so much work in a day, He made that a sacred measure of a furlong. A man using
two of the Lord's created oxen, should be able to plow one acre in one day. There it is again, an acre is not a random measure, but the
exact amount of land a man and two oxen should plow in a day


So in daylight a man should plow about one foot in one second.

12 hours in a day x 60 seconds in a minute x 60 minutes in an hour= 43,200 seconds of work and

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528 Hertz