Let me first say prophecy was given by past prophets so the end time prophets would have a basis, a standard from which to
start so they can finnish. We can not scripturally say, all prophets are evil and false. The Lord shall raise up prophets in the End
Time, thinking other wise would surely make us false. So try the prophets and let them speak. ... forget this labeling and
name calling and just discuss prophecy and precepts.

Therefore let me share with you the Lord's easy HINDSIGHT prophetic markers, that unaware Christians can finnally see and
and recognize that will finnally get them moving away from trust in nationalism, church, politics, militaries etc. etc...

Simple straightforward, the COVENANT is signed by TEN COUNTRIES. Come on nothing can be more blatant than the world
stage in ten countries signing the Covenant. That is such an easy basic event, that even the dumbest of dumb can NOT miss. Its in
Daniel and repeated in Revelation. It will take zero discernment to read about it in the news, and see it on TV. I say it takes the
Iranian war to melt them together into compliance.. .but whatever, first there has to be a COVENANT.

Secondly, according to the days of Daniel seven months later after the Covenant signing, the Jewish priesthood will START TO
SACRIFICE before their Temple, the 3rd temple. This can only be done after a PEACE has been established and a Covenant of
the militaries and governments signed and approved.

So then Christian brethren, all Christians better get busy because the written in stone timeline of the Last 7 years has started.

Forget needing to know when the Lord is coming back, for what you have to determine THEN, in the early years after the
SIGNING and SACRIFICING is when the Whore gets destroyed and your positioning as whether you are serving the Lord. For
you need to have been serving the Lord and figure out through prayer whether you will run to so called safe havens or whether
you GATHER as I would suggest, or whether you do nothing and just close your eyes.

The decisions are yours. But the first TWO events of End Time prophecy are extremely easy to discern.... They haven't
happenned so look for this TWO major MAJOR events.



PS ) Isn't it amazing how simple the Lord made prophecy so we could even
have hindsight rather than foresight on the first 2 major events.
David Jay Jordan
2 Easy Hindsight Prophetic Events
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