2018  Prophecy Time Line
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The above mathematical and holy day co-relations for 2018 onto the Lords RETURN in 2025 is
rather exact in regards to the parameters of Daniel, Revelation, etc....Its not via a dream or vision
to myself, just a possible exact approximation according to logically, mathematically and
spiritually following the sign posts of the different prophets of the past; Why because they all
have added time frames that have to eventually be put together exactly to give us in the
END-TIME foreknowledge of what is going to happen and WHEN

Even though it can be off a few days HERE and THERE.... because of counting approximations
(ends and starts) still its worth considering. and comparing as time goes on. This because in time
after the Covenant signing and then the Sacrifice Starting in the soon to be built 3rd Temple, we
casn get more and more exact.... because there is greater and greater importance for us to get it
exactly right ........ (for the next major event is the nucl;ear WAR as described in Revelation and



PS) The first sign of the start of the
Last SEVEN YEARS is the Mid East War that leads to the
TEN NATION signing of the Covenant of Daniel.. Wait for the Covenant

PPS) The date now is October 2017, so 2018 should be prophetically interesting and fulfilling
IMO. Yet its just the BEGINNING OF THE END