The Lord gave the exact demensions of His Millenial Temple in Jerusalem to Ezekiel. In the below blueprint of its layout you
can see this detail and measurements...   Read also
Measuring the Temple

This might seem inconsequential, but according to the Lordl, it seems His government HERE on Earth during the Lord's 1,000
year reign, will be composed of
144,000 of His saints. These are the kings and priests and government workers the Lord will
be using to pass on His rules and precepts to the surviving human population which has made it through the Tribulation and
Wrath periods.

And consequently, you would expect all of these 144,000 saints, to be able to meet with the Lord in His Temple to honour and
worship HIM, all at once. There wouldn't be different sittings to ensure they all heard the same message, but surely they all
would be able to physically fit into the courts of the Lord, all at the same time. There has to be enough sitting or standing room
for them ALL.

So when it Revelation 11, we are told to measure the court and measure His people, maybe it means we are to see if all His
numbered people will fit into His Temple. From history, we know the Lord's Pyramid or Temple called the Great Pyramid of
Giza had 144,000 reflecting casings stones or reflecting stones on its sides. This making the case, that the number 144,000l
stones.... is significant and important.  SEE
144,000 and Giza.

144,000 stones on all sides
36,000 stones per side
200,000 square feet per side
(396 x 504 = 199,469 square feet)
Each stone takes up 5.55 square feet or 2 square cubits
     (cubit = 1.5 feet, therefore 1 sq cubit = 2.25 square feet)

But what about the Millenial Temple, how much space is there within its outer courts. Lets do the math or take the
measurements..... To see if we are in the range or approximate

875' x 175' = 153,125
525' x 175' = 100,625 but there are two sides so multiply by 2 = 201,250
      153,125 + 201,250 = 354,375 square feet of room or court space or worshipping space inside the outer courts
           Divide this space by 144,000 and the answer is 2.46 square feet of space or
1.09 square cubits.

Therefore there would be enough standing or sitting room within the outer courts for all of the 144,000 to go to a
Millenial Meeting with the Lord.   ......  But wait a minute, what about the inner court, what about the Tribe of
What if they are not in the outer court, but administering to the Lord in the inner court as their annointed position was in the
past. How much room would they have if they were standing before the Lord in the inner court...

175' x 175' = 30,625 sq '
Divide by their number of 12,000 = 2.55 square feet =
1.134 sq.cubits

This being almost identical to the space of the Lord's people in the outer court. So it seems within range and approximately
right and within reason..... and mathematical measure. There is a altar and wash basin inside the inner court, so maybe that
takes up some of the space and makes the room for all whether in or out, EQUAL or approximately EQUAL according to the
divine measure of a man.

For remeber the ultimate measue of all things was the measure of the Lord and His Body, as He duplicated His measure into
our own template and BODY Measurements. SEE
Made in His Image.

A cubit being the measure from tip of hand to elbow 18', the span being the measure of the hand span of the fingers 9 ".
These measuresments were not at random but according to divine measure of the Lord. (SEE
Magic Ratios, Who created the

So how wide was man created to be,
how wide is he at the shoulders ?

SEE Diagram at right ....

The answer one cubit or 1.5 inches across,
with our arms extanding outward at a Golden
Section Ratio

Human Divisions
Golden Section divisions of Body

How much room do we take up, when
standing about one cubit square. Would all
144,000 of us be able to stand in the Millenial
Temple of the Lord, I would say ... YES

I would say, the Lord made sure the Temple
was big enough for all of us. We were made for the physical Temple, and
it was made for all of us... for we are the
ultimate Temple, the living Temple

Man in the Holy of Holies..... for more
intriguing heights and measures of how this
exact measure, relates to our High Priest
being inside the Holy of Holies and the ARK,
and how the Spirit of God, is right above him
with arms praise to our

Do the measurements, get ready for the Temple, be the Temple of the Living God. Know your divine measures... there's room
for you !!!!

In His Service ....
144,000 in Temple
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